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Blue Area Islamabad

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The importance of the Blue Area can be estimated by the fact that Islamabad is the second most beautiful capital of the world and the Blue Area is its business hub. This beautifully designed area is serving as a home to a large number of mega residential projects.

About Blue Area Islamabad

The importance of the Blue Area can be estimated by the fact that Islamabad is the second most beautiful capital of the world and the Blue Area is its business hub. This beautifully designed area is serving as a home to a large number of mega residential projects.

This area covers large and prominent areas of Islamabad that includes sector F6, F7, F8, G6, G7, and G8. The most signifying fact about Blue Area is its foreign investments and availability of a large number of residential properties here.

Centaurus Mall which is one of its kind and known for its triple-building structure is also located in Blue Area. This is a bit pricey area because of its design, availability of resources, higher land prices, and business activities.

Blue Area at a Glance

  • Located on Jinnah Avenue
  • Attracts foreign investments
  • Wide green areas
  • Connected with the other areas
  • Islamabad’s Business Hub
  • Fastest growing community
  • Home to a lot of commercial and residential properties
  • Centaurus Mall
  • Up-and-coming luxurious developments
  • Brings business to the country through foreign investments

Educational institutes in Blue Area, Islamabad

Educational institutes in the Blue area are found in a large number and each is impeccable. The teaching techniques are different for different ages. From schools, colleges, to universities you would find all of them here to accommodate your children of different ages. The list of the educational institutes in or around Blue Area is as follow:

For toddlers:

  • Kidz Garden- Street 32- F-6/1
  • The learner’s school and daycare- F-7/4
  • Friends preschool and activity Center- Nazim-Ud-Din Road, F-7/4

Secondary Schools

  • Islamabad Model School- G-7/3
  • Froebel’s International School Islamabad- Street 13 in F-7/2
  • Beaconhouse School System
  • Headstart School – Nazim-Ud-Din Road, F-7/4
  • Headstart School


  • Punjab College of Science- Sector G-6/2 Blue Area
  • Indus Group of Colleges- Blue Area G-7/3
  • Innovative School & College- Street 11 in G-11/1
  • Federal Medical Dental College of Women – G-7/3
  • Islamabad Medical College for Girls
  • FG Margalla College for Women- Street 62 near F-7/4
  • Federal Government College for Women F-7/2
  • Federal Medical Dental College
  • Islamabad Medical College for Girls
  • Innovative School & College
  • Islamabad Model College for Girls- Sector F-7/2

Medical institutes and Hospitals in Blue Area, Islamabad

There are many medical institutes located in Blue Area that are available round the clock for the disposal of the residents. These hospitals are operating all the time and performing their duties for the entertainment of patients or visitors. These hospitals are located in or around the Blue Area and can be easily accessed by the residents. None of the mentioned hospitals would take more than 20 minutes driving to get there.

  • Hearing Clinic- G-7/3 Blue Area
  • Advanced Ultrasound Clinic- Block G of G-7/3 Blue Area
  • ICSI Clinic in Saudi Pak Tower- Block L of Sector F-7/4 Blue Area
  • Medicsi Hospital- Block L, F-7/4
  • Kulsoon International Hospital- Block G
  • CDA Hospital – Street 31, Sector G-6/2
  • Ali Medical Centre- Kohistan Road, F-8 Markaz
  • PNS Hafeez
  • Naval Hospital- E-8/1

Mosques in Blue Area Islamabad

Blue Area is also home to a large number of mosques to accommodate the residents or workers. You would find a large number of mosques in different sectors, professionally designed, and meeting international standards. Mosques are designed by experienced and professional architects who are well aware of how to make things stand out from the crowd. The list of the mosques you will find here is as below:

  • Jamia Masjid-e-Rahmania- Block C, G-6/2
  • Masjid Al-Falah in G-7/3
  • Masjid Bab-ul-Islam
  • Masjid Al-Huda- F-7 Markaz
  • Bait-Uz-Zikr- street 8, Sector F-7/3
  • Faisal Mosque- Shah Faisal Avenue, Sector E-8
  • Masjid Syedna Siddiq-e-Akbar- block G, sector g-7/3

Markets in Blue Area, Islamabad

When we talk about the grocery stores and markets in Blue Area Islamabad, we came across a long list of the market which fulfills all of our requirements and needs. From grocery to furniture, you would find everything in Blue Area without any hindrance. Here is the list of the markets and shops that you would find in the different sectors and nearby areas of Blue Area:

  • Al-Fatah-Centaurus Mall
  • Shaheen Grocers- Safa Gold Mall
  • Qureshi Store, Block 13/j, F-7 Markaz
  • Shadbagh General Store- College Road W, F-7 Markaz
  • Unique General Store- F-7 Markaz
  • Islamabad Natural Honey- Street 30, F-6/1
  • Vegi Express- 49 Marvi Road, F-7/4
  • Bismillah Fruit & Vegetable Shop- street 53, G-7/3
  • Abbasi Fruit and Vegetable Shop- G-7 Markaz
  • Farm to home- F-7/2
  • Super Mutton Beef & Chicken Shop- F-6 Markaz
  • Go Fresh Meat Shop- F-6 Markaz
  • Abbasi brothers Chicken Shop
  • Sajid Mutton beef and Chicken Shop- Street 53, G-7/3

Banks in Blue Area Islamabad

You would also find the best pharmacies equipped with best equipment and complete range of national and international medicines, apparatus, and even imported skincare products.

  • Biotech Scientific international- G-7/2, Blue Area Fazl-ul-Haq Road
  • Watson Medical Supply Store- F-7 Markaz
  • Kazim Medical Store- Sitara Market, G-7
  • Ali Medical Center- F-8 Markaz, Kohistan Road
  • Ameer Medical Store- G-8 Markaz

Because Blue Area is one of the busiest places for business activities in Islamabad, you would find here several banks here.

  • Bank Islami
  • MCB
  • HBL
  • Askari Bank
  • Allied Bank
  • Saudi Pak Industrial and Agricultural investment company limited
  • Bank Al Habib
  • Summit bank
  • First Women Bank Ltd

Properties for sale and rent in Blue Area, Islamabad

Plots for sale in Blue Area, Islamabad

As it is an old area, only a few plots are left for sale in the Blue Area. the prices of the plots vary on the basis of their sizes, locality, single or double road facing, or the availability of natural resources. Residential plots of 5 Marla to 2 kanals are available while commercial plots of 50 Marla to 100 Marla are available. Prices of the commercial plots depend upon the market value of the land.

Flats for sale in Blue Area, Islamabad

Blue area is that area of Islamabad that provides you the entire range of your activities. If you are studying, doing a job, or running your own business, you would always find the best residential solution according to your needs and budget. The price for a 1-bed apartment ranges between “1.4” to “2” crore while the price for 2-bed apartments starts from 1.5 crores and goes up to 4 crores. Similarly, the price for a 3-beds flat starts from 2 crores and goes up to 4.8 crores.

 Rent price trends in Blue Area, Islamabad

As now, quite a few flats and houses are available for rent in Blue Area, Islamabad. The monthly rent of 2-beds flat is approximately between 30 to 40 thousand PKR while the rental price for the 10 marla house in Blue Area varies between 35-45 PKR.

Rental prices depend upon the location and condition of the house. The old-style houses are not as much demanded as the new houses and for this very reason, it is inappropriate to make an idea about the exact renting price.

To get a better idea about the rent and sale price of the property in Blue Area, Islamabad, you can contact us at any time. The official website of is always functional and our online representative is always available to answer your queries.

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